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MB345 Super soft sueding machine

MB345 Super soft sueding machine

It is used for knitted fabric, plain fabric, fake fur and micro fiber.

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Technical Features

幅宽: 1800mm  2000mm  2300mm

布速: 10-40m/min

磨辊数量: 6碳刷  24砂皮辊

磨辊直径: Φ280mm(碳刷)  Φ80mm砂皮辊)

锡林转速: 40~60rpm

磨辊转速: 400~1500rpm

刷丝直径: Φ1.02mm

磨料粒度: 80#~240#

结构特征: 6辊碳刷或24辊砂皮互换

Product Features