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The general manager of zhang siwei was named as "ten outstanding young entrepreneurs in lianyungang city"

2017-08-26 Font size

On April 26, the second "lianyungang outstanding (outstanding) young entrepreneur" results were announced, and the general manager of zhang swei was awarded the award. On May 4, the awards ceremony was held on May 4th youth day.

It is understood that the campaign by the municipal party committee propaganda department, pku, municipal committee, municipal people club bureau, municipal bureau, municipal local taxation bureau, jointly organized by the city administration of industry and commerce, activities, since the country attaches great importance to the various units, made solid progress, positive response from all walks of life, eager to participate in, through the organization recommended, social recommendations, personal recommendation, typical recommend a large number of outstanding young entrepreneurs. TuiBao at all levels, the judges the intern, social public, network voting, investigation research, comprehensive score, finally ten young entrepreneurs made outstanding achievements in the enterprise management and social service, was awarded the second title of "ten outstanding young entrepreneurs" in Lianyungang.

Zhang Siwei, ZGL group general manager, Jiangsu yingyou textile machinery co., LTD., mighty carbon fiber bicycle co., LTD., chairman, general manager of the national model worker, Jiangsu textile industry textile major contributors of technology innovation, industry ten outstanding youth in China. Lianyungang seals Carbon Fiber Bicycle Company is the first domestic bike as the main land new three board capital market, private enterprises in the production of mountain bike, road vehicles, recreational vehicles such as cars, have all through the Europe EN standard test, the products sell well all over the world. This activity to be started in March, aims to promote economic construction and social development in our city, young entrepreneurs have made outstanding contributions in the typical showcase city young entrepreneurs innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, leading the youth in the model leads to serve the society, achieve the success, for the development of a "strong rich beauty high" new Lianyungang contribution wisdom and strength.

To honor the 2015 provincial and city-level demonstration enterprise credit management in Lianyungang, jitc demonstration enterprises, further promote 2016 annual enterprise credit management in Lianyungang, jitc create work and demonstration, on August 24 in the afternoon, the city's enterprise credit management, jitc advance will and business enterprise, jitc training is held ceremoniously. Jiangsu yingyou textile machinery co., LTD. 2015 annual "credit management model enterprise" of jiangsu province by the recognition, at the meeting in lianyungang city is also the only company was rated as "credit management model enterprise in jiangsu province" of the unit.

It is understood that the appraisal by the various municipalities do recommend credit, provincial credit to the credit review, field evaluation of third party credit agency, expert evaluation, such as online public program, 2015 a total of 35 companies in jiangsu province was named the "credit management model enterprise" of jiangsu province.