Sales Service
Sales Service
We are engaging in production textile finishing machinery for more than 40 years, own a a powerful technicians team and advanced producing ability.

Sales and service

Training for machine operators

The correct operation of equipment related to the used time of machine, safety problems of employees, we will to arrange a systematic and comprehensive training for operators, that can reach to independently operation,and ensure the accurate, skilled and efficient operation of machine.

Technical training

The operation of the machine is a system engineering, it includes the operation, regular maintenance, process adjustment, safety and others , within the period of validity, we are committed to providing service for customer , including:
1. Provide professional suggestions for production line
2. We responsible for the installation of machine, according to the technical requirements of the technical agreement.
3.  Explaining the working principle, structural features, operation methods, use requirements and troubleshooting methods, so that the user to master the operation and maintenance of machine as soon as possible .
4. supplying the operating procedures for textile finishing treatment machine
5. Supplying textile finishing equipment and maintenance services.
6. Ensure that we can reach within 24 hours after received customer's phone